HumilaZinc %100 Water Soluble Potassium Humate

HUMiLAZiNC is 100% percent water soluble and dissolves easily. Slowly pour HUMiLAZiNC on a water container (bucket, barrel etc.) and leave it to dissolve without stirring.

 It dissolves on its own. It may be applied with flood, sprinkle, and drip irrigation or spraying on the leaves on every type of soil. HUMiLAZiNC contains humate obtained through the bonding of chelated zinc with humic acid.  HUMiLAZiNC may be applied on the soil or on the leaves in order to prevent zinc chlorosis on the plants on iron deficient soils.  HUMiLAZiNC is also effective on high pH soils and provides the necessary zinc nutrition for the plant. Compared to other iron-containing products, it keeps its structure and effectiveness much longer. Plants, plastids in particular, are highly susceptible to zinc deficiency.  It is very important because it plays a role in the structures and synthesis of multifunctional vital proteins. Adequate zinc intake in plants speeds up the growth and shortens the harvest time considerably.

Organic Matter  25
Total Acid (Humic Acid + Fulvic Acid) 40
Water Soluble Zn  8
Ph 9-11
Maximum Moisture      20

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HumilaPot %100 Water Soluble Potassium Humate